Brighter Smiles

Together, we brighten the future, one radiant smile at a time.

The Brighter Smile Initiative of the Ryan Palmer Foundation

A unique charitable initiative that provides a wide range of dental services to qualifying children and teens. From cleft palette surgery to wisdom teeth extraction, orthodontics to implants and many procedures in between, the Ryan Palmer Foundation is committed to ensuring a brighter smile for each child in the initiative.


There are so many ways to do good in this world, but we have chosen to focus on dentistry for several reasons:

  • Brighter Smiles Initiative combines the passions of Ryan and his wife, Jennifer, a dentist, together with their mutual love of kids.
  • Dental needs are currently going unmet by most charitable organizations and government assistance programs while dental insurance is expensive and often doesn’t cover necessary procedures.
  • The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry estimates that, by age 5, 60% of U.S. children will have cavities which often end up being the least of their oral health concerns.
  • We enjoy seeing the immediate change… and we know there’s more to come.
  • When a child’s smile improves, the overall trajectory of their life will change for the better. From confidence and self-worth to future prospects and better general health, we know there will be life-long after-effects that will impact every aspect of a participant’s life.
  • Very simply, as Ryan states, “I love to see kids smile!”


A child who is accepted into the Brighter Smiles Initiative receives resolution of their dental issues at no cost to them. Your donation reimburses the cost to the provider who, in-turn, donates their own time and services. As of 2023, the average cost to put a child through the Brighter Smiles Initiative from start to finish is approximately $3000.

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